Our Mission & Focus

The goal and mission is to open effectual doors of opportunity through the Spirit of God. To bring hope for a better way of life and the belief that Dreams do come true.

It is God’s will that people are to be whole in every area of their lives. God wants for His children prosperity, good health, and soul prosperity. 3 John 2

With Jesus Christ as the Head:
New Seed Ministries Operates by Love, Charity and caring for others. We’ll continue to reach out to God’s people encouraging them to be at their best and to go after and fulfill their God-given Dreams. Pastor Adams’ challenge to the people of God is to always be their best!

And to overcome adversity using faith continually proving that obstacles can be overcome by using the word of God! Hebrews 10:38

New Seed – Ministry & Faith Training Center Agenda

Men’s and Women’s Fellowship
Marriage & Couple’s Seminars
Home Buyer Workshops
Youth Enrichment Seminars
Young Adult & College Age Seminars
Anti Drug Programs
Teen Pregnancy Programs
(In Honor of the late Brenda Harris)
Faith Training & Enrichment for everyone!
Hospitality Training
Financial Seminars & Workshops
The Golden Ages Ministry for Seniors
Choir & Praise Team Ministry
Work Skills Training Seminar
Bible Study
Lifestyle & Fitness Lectures
Nutrition Classes
Anti-Homelessness & Poverty Ministry
Music Production
The Arts

Marriage & Family Economic/Business development Health & Healing (Emotional & Physical)
Self-esteem/Gender counseling music & publishing ministry

Ministry Outreach Partnerships:
Homeless Shelter Ministry
Crisis ministry for Men & Women Clothing & Furniture supply ministry Affordable Housing/Subdivision Development Ministry Food donations

Ministry :
Ministry serves the needs and questions of men, women and children of all ages, through Preaching/Teaching/Bible Studies and providing community outreach.

Men of God (MOG)

Women of God (WOG)

Youth/Young adults(YOG)